It starts with a plan. Fruchtman Marketing cut its teeth on traditional marketing, nabbing our share of ADDY Awards over the decades. But that’s only part of the equation. We believe in an integrated approach that ensures your methods of communication with customers work hand-in-hand. Whatever traditional marketing you require, we will devise an aggressive and integrated strategy that works best for you—and works within your budget. A strategy that nets results.

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Brand Management

As companies grow, they face defining moments of change—moments when their identity is poised to rise in the marketplace or become lost in a mass of competitors. Successful brand management determines which path your company takes. Fruchtman Marketing utilizes experience, cutting-edge analysis and strategic thinking to achieve your desired results.

Logo development is the first step to establishing your company’s identity—or to re-establishing it, when needed. Creating a dynamic mark requires an understanding of what grabs attention and what will set you apart from your competitors. Fruchtman Marketing also excels at creating brand-standards manuals that protect those logo marks into the future.

Public relations promotes your company to the media to help enhance your brand. It’s more than knowing how to write a press release—a skill we’ve honed over 30 years; it’s about understanding what topics are considered newsworthy, how to pitch them, when to pitch them, and to whom.

The brands you carry also enhance your image. Many vendors offer co-op programs to help you advertise their products. We have a co-op management plan that seeks out those dollars for our clients, manages them, and secures the marketing materials you need to promote yourself and your lines effectively.