It starts with a plan. Fruchtman Marketing cut its teeth on traditional marketing, nabbing our share of ADDY Awards over the decades. But that’s only part of the equation. We believe in an integrated approach that ensures your methods of communication with customers work hand-in-hand. Whatever traditional marketing you require, we will devise an aggressive and integrated strategy that works best for you—and works within your budget. A strategy that nets results.

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Events & Promotions

Who doesn’t enjoy an evening out? A few refreshments with likeminded people, a chance to listen to music, kick back and have fun—perhaps win a prize. Now, what if that evening is combined with a chance to see and try on jewelry—or, if you’re a man, finish your holiday or anniversary gift shopping without feeling like you went shopping? Now that is an evening you can both enjoy! You know what else makes people feel good? Giving back to their community and to area charities. That’s why the marketing plans we create for our clients include events and promotions. We call it destination marketing, and it has resulted in increased store traffic and sales for many of our retailers.