It starts with a plan. Online and social marketing are often referred to as digital marketing to set them
apart from traditional mediums such as broadcast and print. But believe us, digital is becoming more traditional
every nanosecond. Fruchtman Marketing combines three decades of marketing savvy with today’s latest digital
and social platforms to provide you with a comprehensive strategy that yields real and measurable results.

If you’re ready to start an online dialogue with your customers, we offer the experience and results you’ve been seeking.
If you’re not, let us give you the statistics—and the surprisingly affordable cost for reaching this valuable audience.
Then let us draft a digital budget and strategy to bring them out of cyberspace and through your doors.

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Paid Search

If we haven’t made the case for you already, we’ll spell it out: a robust online presence is a must these days. Fruchtman Marketing can help you catch up with or even pull ahead of your competitors with a digital strategy that evaluates the online behavior of your customers and uses paid search to locate them and lead them to your website, your products, your services—and eventually your store. 

Every month, millions of internet users worldwide perform billions of searches. If even a small fraction of these searches pertain to your business, you could potentially be losing thousands in monthly revenue if your not engaged in effective search campaigns. That’s why paid search is so important for your business. 

We have the experts that get your website to the top of search listings and keep it there. Planning, implementing, measuring, and understanding how paid search works is crucial to ensure the success of any campaign – and Fruchtman ensures that your campaign is managed optimally by making the right decisions, based on correct and timely reporting.