It starts with a plan. Fruchtman Marketing cut its teeth on traditional marketing, nabbing our share of ADDY Awards over the decades. But that’s only part of the equation. We believe in an integrated approach that ensures your methods of communication with customers work hand-in-hand. Whatever traditional marketing you require, we will devise an aggressive and integrated strategy that works best for you—and works within your budget. A strategy that nets results.

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Print is not dead—but how people interact with print has changed. Well-thought-out printed materials can be springboards to online and social mediums, as well as in-store traffic builders. Our understanding of today’s consumer and our vast experience allow us to create not just effective ads, postcards and brochures, but an integrated program that ensures every piece works as part of the whole to achieve measurable results.

Print advertising has a tough job. It has to say a lot in a few words, often side-by-side with other ads and blocks of text determined to overwhelm it. But tough jobs are what we do well. Like all our marketing efforts, we’ve learned to build and stick to a plan—to seek out all the venues with the best cost-effective opportunity of reaching our clients’ audience. That could be in the local newspaper or in a Playbill with a following of well-educated, affluent patrons. It also means doing the unexpected to make an ad stand out, from adding a QR code that whisks smartphone users off to a product video, or flipping an ad upside down to turn a sales message on its ear!

Current customers and residents living near your store are among the most profitable targets for direct mail marketing. And, no, it isn’t junk mail when the recipient respects your name and reputation—or when the message compels them to read on! A simple mailer and an offer can boost traffic tenfold. We offer a calendar of direct mail marketing that makes the most of your budget, achieves above-average response rates, and helps maintain top-of-mind awareness throughout the year.

Collateral materials are the support team that makes your advertising hum: brochures, point-of-purchase signage, bag stuffers: whatever it takes to complete your marketing picture, we not only create it but provide opportunities you may not have considered before. You’d be surprised how effective a small inexpensive handout can be in increasing fans on your Facebook page or in getting customers back into your store at a later date.